A wedding at the fairgrounds?

It may seem like a crazy idea but we have hosted many weddings. With almost 10,000 square feet available in the front of the exhibit hall alone and and 25,000 square feet altogether. The Saginaw County Fairgrounds makes a wonderful wedding venue. Guests have plenty of room to wander, mingle and enjoy themselves. Meanwhile planning and setup is easier when you can have a dance floor, wedding party platform, buffet line, bar, gift table, cake table and other items setup all together without have to breakdown or move items during the reception. And while it may not be fancy it provides a clean slate for your imagination to run wild allowing to make your special day truly yours!

All this room is surprisingly affordable too. Starting at just $800 for the front of the hall, and just $1200 for whole building.

Call the office at 989.845.2143 and we will setup an appointment for you to take a tour and show you the possibilities.

Room to party

Things to consider

Insurance - You'll need liability insurance at any venue but don't worry you can usually get a $1,000,000 policy that includes liquor liability for under $200 and you can also get discounts if you buy through your homeowners company.

Security - If serving liquor a bonded security guard is required. We recommend La Guardia.

All-in-one - You can also have the ceremony on the grounds. this saves you and you guest from traveling between sites and gives you only one place to decorate.